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We strive for order and completion. We specialize in

tactical information warfare for there is strength in

knowledge. This a member friendly clan, we aim to

help all members achieve their goals in return that

they help they're fellow clan mates do the same. The

clan goal is to understand Destiny 100% and to be

able to take part in anything Destiny PvE or PvP.

Rules of Engagement

Section 2 Tenet 1 ( rules of engagement ) In the mist of war there is a cretin guideline or rules for engagement you should follow. In this video I'm telling you about my clan rules of engagement for Destiny PvP. These simple steps can help you better your game and stay on edge. I know the audio isn't clear so I left a list of the rules Below so you may read them.
1) obey the law of the jungle. all is one and one is all. Move, Attack and plan as one. A team is only as strong as its weakest link
2) Tactical retreat. If you find yourself at a disadvantage there is no shame and disengagement of the fire fight to better your odds (example: if you find yourself fighting a sniper mid to long range and your best weapon is a assault riffle, break contact and if possible converse with fire team for plans of re-engagement.)
3) Coms. There must be clear communication at all times about what is happening even if you find yourself killed. your voice can be the winning tide in a battle.
4) Never play fair. press every advantage you can. If a enemy if foolish to make a mistake punish them aggressively and your team will thank you.
5) Play the odds. only engage if your sure the odds are in your favor. if you are out numbered do not engage unless there is no other option.
6) When in doubt, know your way out, always have a exit route or escape plan if something goes wrong.
7) Death before dishonor. Win at all cost or die trying. This rule only comes into effect if all else fails and should be used as a last resort.

Clan Leaders

Highest Honor of the Monarch
I aim to have a productive clan that treats its members as family and aim to be the beast they can be. We aim to understand destiny to the fullest.
Master of the Hand Cannon, My decisions are swift honest and just.
Helps in managing and maintaining the clan
Assists in making decisions for the clan as well as ally clans.

Our Team

Over the P.V.P Section of the clan
Recruits and oversees members in the New Zealand. region or time zone
manages and is in charge of the P.V.E. area of the clan
Manages and is in charge the P.V.E. section of the clan
Assist in making decisions for the clan and its members.