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New Monarchy Honors


Rank 3
Become Promoted or Demote bad/unproductive members

Burden of Proof

Rank 4
Leave a legend, become a trade mark.

Bad Counsel

Rank 3
Help Remove bad members from the clan/ protect the clan image from unproductive clan members.

Executor's Honor

Rank 5
Going Above and beyond the given mission with outstanding success.

Good Counsel

Rank 4
Teach/mentor clan members with success and noticeable recognition.


New Monarchy Honors

First Citizen

Rank 2
become recognized by Helping Clan mates complete missions

Four Times The Ruler

Rank 1
Complete 4 missions in succession without Fail.


Rank 2
Recruit active and productive members

High Command

Rank 3
Successfully complete Clan activates in recognition.

Monarch's Assassin

Rank 2
achieve and maintain a recognized PvP Statues.


New Monarchy Dishonor

Motion to Ban

Rank 5 (x-10)
This badge can be assigned by a admin or Higher. Motion can be approved by the clan Leader or if awarded  4 times in succession.

Out Law

Rank 3 (x-4)
This badge can be given by a moderator or higher for breaking rules, contracts or promises that are recognized.

Team Killer

Rank 3 (x-6)
This badge is awarded if the receiver cause the team to wipe, lose or reset progress.


Rank 4 (x-5)
This badge can be awarded upon Committing treason against clan core values.

Motion to Kick

Rank 5 (x-5)
This badge can be awarded by a moderator or higher. Motion can only be carried out by a Admin Upon 1st badge received or unless awarded 3 times in succession.


New Monarchy Dishonor


Rank 5 (x-90)
Can Only be assigned by Clan leader. revokes any and or all titles, emblems, ranks and or privileges that the leader deems are not needed.


Rank 1 (x-10)
This Badge can be awarded to the clueless that don't know any detail or information about the mission they have chosen.


Rank 2 (x-5
This badge Can be awarded for being Inactive, not doing Clan missions and not talking with the clan.


Rank ? (x???)
This badge Multiplies the number of badges and how many you can receive for - or +
only used for Group decisions of admin or higher rank.

Little Light

Rank 2 (x-2)
This badge Can be awarded for continued recruitment of unhelpful, under productive clan members or the continued succession of failed missions.
Points: Info:
10        Badge Rank 1 (common- Handed out if basic standards are meet)
25        Badge Rank 2 (Rare- Handed out for continue display of good performance.)
60        Badge Rank 3 ( Legendary- overwhelming success)
85        Badge Rank 4 (Mystic- Proves a show of valor and guidance)
130      Badge Rank 5 (Exotic- Master rank. must go above and beyond)