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Chief Executive Officer

I am the head of A.E.F.E. studios, I enjoy creating making and producing anime, manga or game content. I like to treat A.E.F.E. studios as my family so that I can watch it grow and become successful. I try to take part in everything that we do because this company was build on a island of dreams and ideas while I was in high school.
My main goal here is to make sure everything stays up and running to its fullest potential and that all of our members are enjoying the content that we deliver.

Hello, I am a Chief Executive Officer. I help with the website design, theme programming and give ideas or brainstorm when needed. I also assist in running the clan New Monarchy's Kill Squad.

Our Leaders

Masters at converting everyday things into top quality entertainment
YouTube Partner
competitive Gamer and active YouTube producer that works hand and hand with A.E.F.E. Studios Leaders to make and produce interesting content.
Marketing Director
I Mostly preform editing, programing for videos and games. I like to engage in the activates I involved in.
I try  to help keep A.E.F.E. with a positive image by delivering some amazing content for fans to enjoy.
I look forward to their feedback, comments, Ideas and suggestions