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 Here on the A.E.F.E. studios site you will find our vast amount of home made anime for your entertainment pleasure visit the forums to join or to talk about each series or put in a request to have us published your idea.

A.E.F.E. Studios is Active in Games, Anime, Animation, Manga, Youtube and much more.

For more information about this and what we are currently engage in visit the forum.A.E.F.E. is a open friendly happy Studio. We are working to make, produce and promote great forms of art like Animation, Games, Manga while supporting our in company programed like B.H.T.J. that over looks game activities and more. Out side of our family we are helping and aiming to support other anime, comic, books, producers, partners and mange artist become heard or known.

In the A.E.F.E. family  we have a lot of programs and activates we engage in, so much to list here but we will try. B.H.T.J. is in support of all in game content like Clans, clans in game, clan support/management, clan content and projects ect. anything that has to do with games in a nut shell. A.E.F.E. Studios is over B.H.T.J. over sees Animation, manga, Youtube, music ect. anything you would find on this site or that would represent A.E.F.E. in a nutshell. Then There is A.E.F.E. witch is over Funding, giveaways, management, game production, advertisement, apps ect. all the tech and parent stuff a parent company would be over. If you enjoyed this little read there is a lot more in our forums about us as well as things you yourself can get engage in.

Welcome to our home, get comfortable get engage and remember, you have friends in the new monarchy.



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